Importance of Lent & Fasting by Chantel Susan George

Respected Achen, parents, and friends,
Tomorrow marks the first day of the Great Lent. The first think that comes to our minds is ā€“ no chocolate, hamburgers, hot dogs? Why give something up?
First and foremost what is Lent and why is it important?

Theotokos - Mother of God


(As we plan to celebrate the Assumption Feast of St. Mary this Sunday (Aug.15), preceded by two weeks fast; it is good to learn about the teaching of the Orthodox Church on St. Mary, the Mother of God. My attempt is to briefly unfold the doctrinal teachings about the Most Holy Virgin Mary in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and the writings of the holy and God-inspired Fathers of the Church of the first centuries of Christianity. )

Orthodox Christianity


(By this article, I wish to convince our members as well as our friends why we must feel proud to be an Orthodox Christian?)

1)Why we should be proud as an Orthodox Christians?

Orthodox Church is the original Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ as described in the New Testament. In fact, it is the oldest Church in Christendom, the second largest body with 225 million people worldwide. But in USA and Canada together Orthodox Christianity makes only less than 6 million.

Consecration Of Our Church

Saturday, June 12, 2010 marks a momentous day for the members of St. Gregorios Orthodox Church of India, San Francisco; the day our new Church building will be consecrated by H. G. Alexios Mar Eusebius, the new Metropolitan of the Diocese of South-West America, on H.Gā€™s first visit to Bay Area after being enthroned in May 2010. We have planned a grand reception to the Metropolitan along with the Consulate General/ Ambassador Mrs. Sushmita Thomas, Union City authorities and local Church leaders.

I have a dream

By Ashika

I have a dream that there will be peace in this world.

No harm done to one another, neither to any boy nor to any girl.

I have a dream that all the fighting will be no more.

No more brothers and sisters coming back dead from war

I have a dream that everyone has his or her needs.

No more homeless people and no more hungry mouths to feed.

I have a dream that we will work together to save our earth.

We will remember she is our home and show her what she is worth.

I have a dream that man will know that he can make a difference, big or small.